1st SUP Yoga Class At June Lake

1st SUP Yoga day on the water at June Lake. What a blissful day!

1st SUP Yoga Class at June Lake
The sun was shining, the wind was minimal and the excitement was high. Footloose Sports in Mammoth Lakes, California supplied us with 5 paddleboards and paddles. The rest of the crew brought their own boards. We headed to June Lake from Mammoth Lakes which is about a 20 minute drive. As we arrived the water looked like glass! Not a ripple, not a breeze. As we unloaded the van and got ready the wind picked up a little, but not by much. We were all so stoked to be in the sun at one of the most beautiful places on earth. The turquoise color of the mountain run off is breathtaking, almost as if being in the Caribbean! We set out after an introduction to SUP on how to paddle, lead by Bryan Thompson, then hit the cool, clear water for a paddle before yoga. The beauty of June Mountain was just ahead of us and the breeze at our backs, life is good.

Once we made our way to the middle of the lake we began our yoga practice. Most people were a little nervous about practicing yoga on a paddleboard with the instability of the board and falling in the cold water, but were soon surprised the board was actually easy to work with. We started slow, seated, bringing awareness to our breath. We then made our way to tabletop position, through cat and cows, flowing with the breath. Slowly we transitioned into Tadasana (mountain) followed by Suyra Namaskar A (sun salutations). Then made our way into standing poses such as Anjaneyasana (cresent lunge) and Virabhadrasana I and II (warrior I and II). This was about the time where we lost a couple people in the water, but they quickly recovered and got back on their boards. More breathing and of course a moment to embrace the beauty around us. We came down to our stomachs for Dhanurasana (bow pose) and to our knees for Ustrasana (camel) for our backbends. Then onto our backs, working our cores in Navasana (boat) pose. From there only a couple stretches later and we reached our beloved Savasana (dead corpse pose). This is the few moments of pure bliss! Lying on the board with the sun on your skin, feeling the breeze and water rippling beneath you. The sound of silence the middle of the lake brings is very peaceful and here we find serenity. Ahhhhhhh!

After acknowledging our gratitude for each other and mother nature we venture back to shore with a headwind, making it difficult to paddle. Once we arrived we had Yoga Margaritas (non-alcoholic) for everyone! Its a time to celebrate. A celebration of fun, fresh air and gratitude. I believe we all felt it after this experience. Being on the water with old friends and new friends sharing the beauty of the mountains, breathing in life and positivity and exhaling negativity and chaos…….what a way to spend a day. Namaste y’all!

About Lindsay

Lindsay has practiced yoga for the past decade and has taught for the last 5 years. She believes in combining the beauty of mother nature and yoga and by doing so brings peace, serenity and gratitude into our hectic, fast-paced lives.


  1. Is this the SUP Yoga class that is a registered trademark of SUPFIT, LLC http://www.trademarkia.com/sup-yoga-85179540.html

    • Nope! We’re Sierra Yoga up in Mammoth Lakes, CA

      • Laurie Caine says:

        Coming into town on Thursday late afternoon and staying until Monday night. Is there a class during that time?

        • Hi! Yes there is s SUP yoga class Friday morning. Meet at 8am at Footloose to rent a board or June lake at 9am if you have your own board. Otherwise Yoga in the Park is Sunday 3pm at mammoth creek park. Hope to see you! :)

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